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Mason Frank's Careers and Hiring Guide 2023–24


The ultimate source for the latest career insights, hiring trends and salaries in the Salesforce universe.


Economic instability and turbulent market conditions mean it’s arguably never been more important for both employers and professionals to understand how to successfully overcome hiring hurdles in the Salesforce Ohana.

So how can you ensure success when it comes to decision-making in the Salesforce job market this year? In this edition of our annual deep dive into the Salesforce community, Mason Frank’s Careers and Hiring Guide analyzes and presents unique insights to provide a comprehensive snapshot of the market today, and invaluable tips for employers and employees to thrive across the Salesforce community in 2024 and beyond.

Download our key findings report with all the top-level insights you need, plus a link to our Careers and Hiring Guide with comprehensive breakdowns of all the must-know trends across the Salesforce community


This report is based on over 130,000 data points, including self-reported survey information from over 1,000 Salesforce professionals worldwide between March and July 2023. Respondents span a range of industries, come from diverse personal and professional backgrounds, and include a mix of professionals and hiring managers. 

We’ve validated every survey response using robust statistical analysis and automated data validation rules to be included in the final results. Any data that didn’t pass our validation rules and statistical analysis or was deemed questionable, incomplete, or duplicate was removed so that the results published are meaningful and accurate.




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